Sunday, 11 March 2012

an armour against future unhappiness


Friday: a most excellent day. I gave a presentation on Iris Murdoch's The Bell, then bought and ate a piece of rocket cake on my way to the library. On my way back home, I saw a man in a red jacket calmly sitting on the wall. It was a pop of colour against the green and brown of his surroundings, I wonder whether he was aware of that.
I walked on past the tall trees and the ivy. It was warm and humid. I decided to explore the bit of land next to the allotments, and to my delight it turned out to be an old graveyard. A good place to spend a summer afternoon. It started to rain and I felt very tired and very content.
Later, we went for a walk, chose random vegetables in the supermarket and made the most delicious meal. Well, I didn't really do anything but eat it.
Saturday morning made me realise that I love early mornings. They are so quiet, the birds sing, the light is soft and lovely. I walked home and fell asleep again.


  1. your photographs make me love Durham all over again - I grew up here and had gotten a bit bored/frustrated with the place. it really is a beautiful city though :)

    1. Aww, thanks, that's really good to hear. To be honest I get frustrated with it as well, so I'm always on the lookout for nice things. If you have any recommendations for places to see and visit, do share! It's weird to think that we've probably walked past each other on marketsquare or something :)

  2. Your photos and writing are always so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! :)

  4. The past is history,
    the future a mystery,
    but the present is a gift.

    Alles Gute
    Tante S., Onkel M., Cousin Ch.