Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Spending the 13th of March in Durham without those dearest to me seemed impossible. So when I found out that my essay deadlines had been pushed back by a month and that I wouldn't have to work all day, I bought cheap train tickets to Edinburgh. The countryside between Durham and Edinburgh is really beautiful. As a birthday present to myself, I read a non-university related book. Another Country is very good, now I want to see the film as well (even though it mostly seems to be about Rupert Everett's cheek bones).
I love Edinburgh. It feels a bit like home, very familiar because I've been there so often. I wandered around, ate at some of my favourite places, went to a lunchtime concert with a friend, drank cardamom hot chocolate (yum), looked at everything - all the houses, colours, people - and remembered that there is such a thing as variety, then went back to Durham.


  1. happy birthday! your blog is my favourite; keep reading & thinking & loving houses & and all the rest, that makes you so special!

    1. Thanks a lot. That's a lovely thing to say (write).

  2. happy birthday again! :) and it does sound like you had a very lovely day!
    also, i'm jealous that it's warm enough to sit outside! :)

  3. Happy (belated) birthday! It looks like you had the loveliest time.

    There are lots of suprising flashes of blue/turquoise in these pictures. Tis excellent.