Thursday, 8 March 2012

a quiet life

Now that it's a bit warmer I've moved my desk to the window. Thinking and writing about 1) André Gide, 2) Iris Murdoch, 3) asceticism is so much easier when there are clouds to look at and squirrels to observe. Yesterday it began to rain, then hail, and I watched the children on the playing fields sprint inside. I hardly want to leave my room anymore.
On Monday I accidentally drank two pots of strong tea and then went to a lecture on constructivist art. My heart was racing. Not something I'd recommend.
I've been listening to Radio 3 and 4 even more than usual, I like the sense of humour and humanity. I also like throwing things at the radio when they talk rubbish about Europe (or "the Europeans", whoever they might be). A couple of days ago when I was just about to go to sleep, they played this wonderful piece by Bach; so good to be reminded of things you love all over again. I've also been listening to this song a lot, We'll be OK - I'm happy when you're here, but oh, your smile can seem as far away as once upon a time. You can't help it, hopelessly nostalgic - a passing interest in the past but I think it's going to last a little longer. An accurate description of my state of mind.
Happy International Women's Day! This made me laugh.

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  1. That looks so relaxing, there's just something about windows that can quite literally brighten your day.