Monday, 17 October 2011


Saturday was the best day I've had so far in Durham.
Technically it started at midnight when I was dancing with new friends in the smallest indie club I've ever been to. (2011 has been the year of unexpectedly amazing dance parties.) When I woke up much later, the sky above the trees outside my window was blue and the air was warm. So I took a long walk on my own. I bought a toasted sandwich and ate it after walking up a semi-hidden alley to a wild overgrown park behind a church, looking at the castle on the hill opposite.
It's so green here, and there are so many unexpected views. While I'm here my love for trees might replace my love for town houses, out of necessity almost because there are no town houses. There are so many footpaths, it almost feels as if I live in the countryside. I've lived in a big city all my life, albeit with a forest close by, so this feels as exotic as anything.
When I came home I sat on my balkony/roof terrace with a cup of tea to read another chapter of "North and South". The light was beginning to turn the trees and the cathedral orange. I felt incredibly lucky to be there.
Later, one of my favourite bands played a concert in a tiny room in the centre of the city. You could see the moon through the open window behind them. This time around they had brought a banjo, a mandolin, a violin and a cello. I've been to so many great concerts, but this one was incredibly special: My friend and I sat on the floor with about twenty other people and after the first song he turned to me and said, "Thank you for telling me about this." Perfect end to a perfect day. Let's hope that there'll be many more days like this.


  1. glad to hear you had an awesome saturday!

    everything looks so peaceful in these photos! i also have never lived outside of the city. i'm not sure i could adjust! but i could definitely be tempted by an indie dance party! :)

  2. There are bits that actually look like a city, or rather like a small English town. It certainly looks nothing like Vienna (or Berlin), and if you walk for 10 minutes you're between trees. It's weird, but kinda cool!

  3. I still listen to that band. Again: thank you for telling me about that.