Wednesday, 19 October 2011

missing you


What is is that makes us think of the family as a category of its own? Is it really blood and genes? Or is it time? Is it the years that we've spent together? Why do we love them as we do? (No, wait, not everyone does. But I do.) There are people who don't have much in common with me in terms of hobbies or interests, and yet they are closer to me than everyone else. It's strange. It might well be time.


  1. ... it might be not only time but the knowledge of "we belong to each other" from the first minute of your life. You have no choice. You can't say - especially in the first years of a life - you are not my family! So you have to deal with all things according to your family and that brings you closer to those people as to somebody else.

  2. i think about that quite often too..
    your photos are great!

  3. This is beautiful and I can relate wholeheartedly. People laugh and say I worship my brother and cousin, but they don't seem to understand how much our lives have crossed. It's just comforting to know there are people on this planet who have seen us without a mask and seen us for who we truly are and still love us for it.