Sunday, 17 July 2011

this town is the oldest friend of mine


My mum lives in an amazing part of town. I ride my bike to her house at least once a week to sit on her balkony or have dinner or water the plants when she's away. The streets are quiet. On my way there I get to indulge in my love, bordering on obsession, with all the different kinds of houses in Vienna. The other thing I like are places that don't feel like they're part of a big city anymore, quiet corners, trees, nothingness.
Have you noticed that this blog has turned into an endless love letter to this city? It's because I won't be here for much longer, and I've started seeing Vienna with the eyes of a stranger, mixed with the emotion of someone who belongs here. It's the strangest feeling. Suddenly I see everything quite clearly, I notice all of the peculiarities that inhabitants who have lived here for more than twenty years don't see anymore. The colours, the trees, the smells and sounds, all of the lovely things that you take for granted. It's a great feeling.
In two months, I'll be moving to another country.


  1. oh wow. can't wait to hear where! i felt like i was seeing adelaide afresh when i returned from denmark, which was a lovely feeling. change is always nice.

  2. ok so let me guess. its either London or where that friend of yours( the boy;) lives.(or maybeeee chicagooo?)