Sunday, 17 July 2011

food for hot summer days


Dinner, dessert and a drink.
Do share yours. (Nothing fancy, I'm not patient enough for fancy stuff.)

1. My favourite kind of food can be eaten with a spoon, looks slightly disgusting and is basically a combination of vegetables. Right now, I make a kind of zucchini-tomato stir fry at least once a week. I fry the zucchini, add the tomatoes until it looks like a mess, and add haloumi to make the whole thing even more messy. If you mash potatoes into the whole thing (which is what I like best), you get a glorious reddish mountain of vegetables. Or you can eat it with pasta. My brothers gave the ultimate sign of approval when they told me reluctantly, "You know, we hate to tell you this, but this is both healthy and tastes great!"
2. Lemon yoghurt blueberry cake. I'm so glad it's blueberry season again!
3. Basil lemonade (something like this) + white wine + strawberries = heaven. I have to think of a name for this drink. Hmm.


  1. I'm in the complete opposite season at the moment, so I've been enjoying Curried Sweet Potato and Lentils (, cinnamon scrolls with cream cheese icing and red wine!

    That basil lemonade is now on my to-do list for summer.

  2. mmm! that dish you make sounds excellent - and i don't even like zucchini! :)
    i've cut out dairy recently, which is a bit of a drag, but i've been really into leeks the past few weeks. i like them lightly sauteed with a bit of soy sauce and eaten over rice!

  3. Ein Teil Kichererbsen, ein Teil Gemüse, ein Teil Quinoa, mit beliebigem Dressing mjamjamjam :)