Tuesday, 15 February 2011

all the people have their reasons


"Sartre was wrong. Hell is not other people. Hell is the total absence of any people at all when you want, more than anything, to exchange information with another human voice."
(Michael Gove*)

Today I spent most of my time in the company of my brothers and their best friends.
Today I missed you even more than usual.
Here's one of my favourite memories: We got ready to go out and I put on make-up and for once you didn't complain. Instead you took my guitar and started playing this song (one of my favourites) and we stood in front of the bathroom mirror and sang loudly and I was suprised that I knew every single word. (But then again, you played that album again and again back in 2006 until it became one of my favourites too.)

*(yes, I dislike his policies as well, don't worry)


  1. what a nice quote - despite his politics, as you said.
    and i just love your posts. :)

  2. it's one of these things that I realise as I get older - people whose politics I don't understand or even hate can be perfectly nice/clever/likeable. it's so weird.
    and thank you, it means a lot!