Wednesday, 15 September 2010


things that make me happymore things that make me happyyummemories

good things:
1. A new bagpack (because I'm sick of ruining my back)
2. Postcards, especially postcards with interesting buildings on them! I love receiving mail, if anyone wants to send me a letter, please do! Even if it's just about what you did today. Everything is interesting.
3. Scottish Blossom Honey with Single Malt Whisky. Yeah, I know. Heaven.
4. Old photographs on my wall.
5. This Vivian Girls t-shirt was one of several things that stayed in Vienna. Yes!
6. The Just Joans


  1. oh, ist das das alte kaufhaus am hermannplatz auf der postkarte? das hat eine sehr interessante geschichte!

  2. What's my backpack doing in your picture? ;)
    I have that exact same one in the same colour and I use it almost every day. Hope you'll enjoy yours too!

  3. Luise: Ja isses! Du hast mir davon erzählt und jetzt hab ich eine Postkarte bekommen. Kann wohl kaum ein Zufall sein!

  4. Yum - That honey sounds (and looks!) delicious!
    And I also love getting mail! It's so exciting.

  5. send me your address and i'll send you a letter of what i did today :) it may contain drawings too.

  6. ha! ich würde dir eine postkarte schicken die ich heute doppelt gekauft habe, ich ich bin mir auch todsicher dass sie dir gefällt! gib mir deine adresse bei facebook :)