Thursday, 16 September 2010

being sappy

One of the best days of summer: Breakfast in a Konditorei first, then to the farmer's market to buy loads of fruit and vegetables and the best bread I've ever eaten.
I love apples, I love berries, I love aubergines, I love bread and butter. I love sitting on the floor of my room with a cup of proper black tea. I'm not sure yet if I love George Eliot. I love Caitlin's photos. I love watching football with my brother late at night. In Berlin, a boy asked me why I was being so sarcastic and negative. It's weird, I'm actually filled to the brim with affection and goodwill, but it's so much easier to talk about not-so-great things. Everyone is complaining all the time, it's sickening. It's not as if I didn't feel sad a lot, but why should I make other people feel down as well? 2010 has been an extra-crappy year, but there are so many good things as well.
There's a Kate Nash song called "Don't You Want To Share The Guilt?" The answer is no, I don't, but thanks anyway.

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