Sunday, 4 April 2010

animals in Manhattan

natural historya raccoon!!!miaow

list some things that make you happy:
An octopus in an Anthropologie window. A giant bear in the Natural History Museum. A raccoon climbing a tree in Central Park. A sphinx-like cat next to a sphinx.
I had never seen a raccoon in real life before and it made me incredibly happy to see this one. It was so slow and clumsy and fat, so unlike the squirrels on the other trees. Gave me an excuse to say the German word for raccoon all the time. Waschbär, Waschbär, Waschbär! It's a great word. Definitely one of the highlights of the whole trip.


  1. oh wow! i've never seen a raccoon climb a tree before! and waschbär is one of my favourite words! :)

  2. Oh man, LOVE that anthropologie window! Thanks for sharing :)