Monday, 4 January 2010

that's when the feeling hits

Well sometimes I almost regret it
like I regret my regrets
I see myself on my deathbed saying
"I wish I would have loved less"

But that's when the feeling hits
so just lick your lips
these are the good times that you'll miss
when you are sipping on the sweet nectars
of your memories

Words of wisdom by Jens Lekman who's possibly my favourite singing person ever.


  1. well, i always thought jens lekman was kind of retarded, but all the good people i know like him, it's like a lakmus test ("you know jens lekman?" "yeah, he's awesome." "cool, wanna go to my place?") perhaps i should start liking him and stop being a bad person.

  2. he really is awesome, trust me. ignore the persona, the songs are great. then again, i've got a thing for pretentious pop, so he's right up my alley.

  3. i should give it another listen, perhaps? and try not to let myself be annoyed. also i meant litmus test, seriously where did my education go!