Monday, 4 January 2010

places to keep things in

we can leap buildings and rivers, but really we just wanna flyworking
Working in one myself, it's probably not surprising that I love museums. It's not picture galleries that fascinate me - I feel that I should know more about art to really appreciate those. My favourite kind of museum are the slightly random ones where there are many different things to be found, where you can walk in with a friend and you both leave feeling satisfied even though you don't have much in common. The best part of travelling are the museums as well - you never know what treasures you'll find abroad. Vienna is pretty great as long as you're interested in paintings, but if you care about history, or photography, or fashion, then it's kinda bleak. So here are three of my favourite museums I visited last summer.

favourite exhibition
visions of our time
Deutsche Börse, Berlin - the photograph on the poster is actually one of my favourites, I once cut it out from a newspaper and put it on my wall, seeing the original was priceless

Victoria & Albert, London - quite possibly the best museum on earth? I spent ages in there.

modern times
the garden room
the garden room
Geffrye Museum, London - Kevin's and his brother's recommendation, I want to work there, this is what I'd love to have in Vienna, a museum about living throughout the centuries


  1. Dein Blog ist auf meiner Liste von am liebsten gelesenen Blogs ganz weit vorne. Das nächste mal, wenn ich in London bin, lasse ich mich von niemandem abhalten und gehe ins Geffrye Museum - ich hab es mir ganz anders vorgestellt. Die Raumaufteilung ist ja klasse. (Und deine Familienfotos sind auch wunderbar.:)

  2. Danke, Luise! Das Geffrye Museum ist wirklich super, die Ausstellungstexte sind einfach so gut.
    Was ist denn mit regular updates auf deinem blogspot passiert?

  3. Da passiert vermutlich nichts, ich könnte es allerdings zum Fotoblog umfunktionieren, wenn ich mal Filme entwickle. Da ich nicht wirklich was zu sagen habe, ist tumblr aber eigentlich perfekt.