Saturday, 12 September 2009

"where the hell have you been?"

Hello there. Long time no see. Last week all of us missed brother #1 who was interrailing. His room was so empty! We still celebrated when brother #2 turned out to be a total pro at the all-important Latin exam.
found in Hagrid's pumpkin patch
I decided to learn how to bake, so we went to the supermarket to buy carrots and lemon juice. What we found though were these huge pumpkins, possibly stolen from Hagrid's pumpkin patch. We really wanted to buy one, but I don't fancy baking pumpkin pie, really. I made carrot cupcakes instead. I don't really get all the fuss about cupcakes - the icing is always way too sweet and sticky, even though it looks nice. But seeing as our oven doesn't function properly for some reason, it's a safer bet to start with tiny cakes and not with a big, proper one. Is it still a cupcake when you don't put the sugary stuff on top? Well, who cares. They were quite tasty.
<3 <3 <3
"Oh to be young and to feel love's keen sting."
I saw Harry Potter for the third time and still laughed about the jokes. It's so good to see them grow up on screen and once you accept that it'll never be as good as the books and enjoy it simply for what it is, it's quite lovely. And the acting is not as terrible as it used to be. Maybe it's just easier to act like an awkward teenager because that's what most of the film is about. Actually that must be what most of life is about, I think.
back in the hood
Kevin is back for good now. Bye bye long-distance relationship, I'll see you soon-ish!
It's good to live in the same city again, really live there and not just stay there on holiday, mostly because
a) we can cycle to each other's places (no planes involved!) (and Kevin found a shorter and more beautiful way!)
b) phones can be used instead of the black hole that is the internets
c) breakfast for two
d) pasta for two
e) non-sensible discussion about feminism involving pillow fights and fits of the sullens (on my part)
f) holidays in other places
g) bear flu


  1. Hi!
    Gratuliere Bruder #2 - macht Mutter glücklich.
    Hallo Kevin.


  2. Hallo du Onkel! Ich werde es ausrichten! An alle Männer.

  3. I remember shying away from the HP movies because the acting was quite shoddy and I haven't seen one since Chamber of Secrets. And I stopped reading the series after the fifth one. One of these days I shall give them both another go!

    Glad that you're rid of the long-distance relationship! Those really blow.

    Also, I really like your mostly monochromatic outfits. Not only are they lovely ensembles, the color scheme is extremely pleasing to look at!

  4. theodora theodora der usb stick funktioniert nicht ... :-( ich kann die musik nicht auf den laptop übertragen ... weißt du noch ungefähr was du mir da drauf gegeben hast?? übrigens die die ich schon hab is super, danke noch mal!! kommst du am so mit in den prater?