Tuesday, 15 September 2009

my life is average/okay



Life is funny! Here's an example:

Last night I couldn’t find the light switch in the dark so I yelled ‘Lumos!’ at the wall. Then my dad comes down the hall, yells ‘Petrificus Totalus’ at me, and turns the switch that was on the other wall. He calls me an idiot and goes back to bed. I love my dad. MLIA.
(my life is average)

I read a fascinating article about cruising in late-Victorian London today. Apart from trying to write about male encounters in general, the author shows how difficult it is to actually know anything about the past - it was post-modernism done really well, in my humble opinion. His attitude is summed up in the last sentence: "Like cruising itself, bringing together urban traces requires us to interpret those stories that may only wink at us, but tempt us nonetheless to linger." I love it.

(PS: Alex Kapranos' moustache makes me want to cry.)


  1. about the moustache: oh me too. ME TOO. this is almost worse than the buzz cut, though nothing could ever be.

    (hi, i like your blog btw!)

  2. hahaha the image of the buzz cut COMBINED with the moustache would make baby kittens cry. oh dear god no.
    (someone has to photoshop this.)

    thanks :)