Sunday, 6 September 2009

don't know if I've been foolish

If your Sunday isn't as enjoyable as mine, then you should watch this video. It's La Casa Azul covering "Love Is In The Air" at the Indietracks and if it doesn't make you smile, then you're quite possibly Bellatrix Lestrange and are going to be killed shortly. It was the moment when everyone started yelling and dancing and throwing their hands in the air. Well, actually Kevin and I just did that in the street an hour ago as well.
I am now going to decorate my bike with the Harry Potter stickers that Kevin gave me. If you could do just one charm, what would it be? I'm dreaming of being able to do the Summoning Charm, then I'd never have to waste my time looking for things ever again, I'd just say "Accio phone! Accio Kevin! Accio carrot cake!" and all would be well.
Anyone have a recipe for carrot cupcakes, by the way?


  1. so merkwürdig mein kommentar wurde nicht geposted seh ich gerade - ich hatte mich bedankt, also danke für eure nachricht!
    ich hoff es geht dir gut! bald werden wir backen - du kannst ja schon mal ein rezept aussuchen!

  2. does apparation count as a charm? that'd be good for environmental travel, and you can take someone with you wouldn't have to only have solitary adventures. that's number two on the list though - number one is being an animagus, for sure. the only problem is choosing an animal.

    i hope austria win the football!