Tuesday, 14 April 2009

music makes me laugh

"It was the first tv show we ever appeared on and we were terrified. The show usually starts with all the musicians jamming together which was a wee bit intimidating, especially for Bob who had only picked up the bass a few months earlier.
It’s a jam in G said Jools.
WTF does that mean? said Bob.
Paul pointed at the third fret of his thickest string and told him to hit it in time with the drums. This time we opened the jam, with Bob playing the line from Lucid Dreams, telling the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Carole King, The Mummers and The Specials that it’s in C sharp minor. You’ve changed, Bob. You’ve changed."

As told here.


  1. Wonderful! :)

    Tell me when things happen, this week, will yer?

  2. I will, we've already made plans (literally).