Saturday, 11 April 2009

how I resisted the urge to turn myself into a Kapranos lookalike

"I love romance!""did you feel the pressure?" "no."

"oh wow!"dream again

Proof that what you'd call my "style" is not really all that cohesive. I do admire people who "own" a certain look, like all the bloggers out there, but it's not really for me. I like my new red shoes and my headphones because both enable me to walk with a spring in my step. I like my ridiculous sunglasses because they remind me of Utrecht where I bought them. Actually all of my stuff is only precious to me because I connect it to people who are dear to me.

The necklaces and bags: Kevin who helped me buy them/tried to keep me from buying them. The shoes: Max who told me to get the red ones (cheers!). The sparkly dress: Dani who picked it up and said it reminded her of Cassie from "Skins"(I wouldn't have had the courage to try it on otherwise). The checked shirt: Nikolaus who gave it to me because he's way to tall now to wear it. The black cardigan: My mother who bought it for me because it reminded her of Audrey Hepburn. The navy skirt: Irene, my stepmother who used to wear it when she was younger. The FF t-shirt: Konstantin who made it for me because I wanted a Franz Ferdinand t-shirt that nobody else had. Et cetera.


  1. I really like your style, I do! It's so wonderful to think that if you want to look like a little school boy one day and someone jumped out of the pages of 1950s Vogue the other, you can, and you're not entirely limited by society or crippling sheepishness.

  2. ich hab gar nicht gewusst dass das ff tshirt selbergemacht is. ich beneid dich drum! im 2. bild schaust du zu cool aus um wahr zu sein!!(11eleven!!)

  3. bénédicte: That's certainly a nice way to put it, it turns randomness into chosen variety!

    daaani: Ahaha ich muss ja immer sehr lachen, wenn ich "coole" Bilder von mir seh, weil ich's dann geschafft hab, den spazz zu unterdrücken, zumindest kurzzeitig.

  4. All of these outfits are effing amazing. I covet your style, cohesive or not!