Thursday, 16 April 2009


Pastels make me happy: A Bjorn Rune Lie illustration as seen here on Kris Atomic's amazing blog, Luella S/S 2009, Teen Vogue, Mia Farrow, Emma and Mr Knightley, stills from a James Blunt (?!) video as seen on Susie Bubble's blog, Oh You're So Silent Jens, a Louis Park photograph, a girl with an amazing Lucksmiths t-shirt as seen on their myspace, Sid and Cassie who's wearing an amazing skirt, a melodica photographed by Kevin, Alice & Martin Provensen illustration, stills from "The Fear" by Lily Allen.

I'm feeling very pastel-y right now.

The Pastels also make me happy:


  1. hmm i love pastels too at the moment, maybe because they remind me of ice cream.

  2. ...or the cupcakes from your last post!