Monday, 16 March 2009

at least explain if your face stayed the same why your name and your accent changed

Lisa made the best birthday present for me, as you can see here. I love it! (Is it really conceited to love a picture of oneself? It certainly sounds like it...)
I've had a bit of a rough time at university last week which made me question my abilities and myself in general in quite a severe way, but writing about one's insecurities is actually super-boring, so here are some pictures of things and people who cheered me up enormously.

This house has been demolished last week. Cat found a Marni blouse in a London Oxfam. My wonderful Barry M lipstick really looks different on each person wearing it, it's a lovely muted pinkish red on Lisi, but dark pink on me. Celebrating its 100th birthday, the museum I work for has collaborated with various artists, this huge speaker is one of the results.

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  1. liebe theodora ... ich bin nicht sicher ob du mich hasst, weil du mir in letzter zeit nie geantwortet hast, aber wenn nicht würd ich mich gern mal wieder mit dir treffen, dir auch ein geschenk überreichen, und idealerweise eine wunderbare zeit verbringen. also wenn du lust hast, sag mir bescheid. :)