Friday, 13 March 2009


two why I like my birthday

This is why I'm a firm believer in celebrating birthdays. My family always manages to turn it into a special day. Every year there are daffodils and a few well selected presents from my mum and cake and everyone's super nice and makes me feel that they're happy that I exist which is just great, obviously.

Twenty-twohello cat

My brother Konstantin made this t-shirt for me, I'm wearing clothes that make me happy today, like the skirt which is a part of an Austrian dirndl found at a flea market and recently shortened. My brothers and I had breakfast together and my dad and I had lunch in a fancy restaurant where he said encouraging, positive things and patted my shoulder and gave me more daffodils and Proust. And Nikolaus gave me tea and newspapers which was actually really thoughtful and lovely. I'm super lucky to have a family like that. It's been a good day.



  1. schau mal bitte auf meinen blog.

  2. freu mich dass du dich freust - ich bring dir dann das original :-)
    nur wann? hast du vielleicht freitag zeit? sonst hab ich die woche leider immer etwas am nachmittag.

  3. Freitag geht gut vor 15:30 und nach 17:00! Geht das bei dir?

  4. ja also da kann ich mich nach dir richten :-) - ich hab am freitag nämlich keinen unterricht gehe nur immer wieder in die meisterklasse malen - also vor 15.30 wär mir lieber! wir könnten ja ein spätes frühstück machen oder so - tee eben!

  5. blue shoes and blue tights, i can't think of anything lovelier!