Monday, 19 January 2009

Chin Up, Cheer Up: Rune Guneriussen

The other day I talked to a friend of mine who was feeling a bit blue. It made me notice once again how much our life is ruled by other people, how much we see ourselves through other people's eyes and how easy it is to be unhappy because somehow, our only aim in life is to please a few select persons. And then we hang around and feel more or less worthless because we forget that there are so many things that make us happy, apart from other people.
I should know. I spent my teenage years scribbling "hell is other people" everywhere. But when I was seventeen the boy I admired was depressed and cried and I felt incredibly helpless when he asked me how to get through the day. I just said, "You just...hang on to the lovely little moments." Probably a silly thing to say, but it's what works for me.
I do still sit around in a state of vague paranoia most days, smitten, stupid and scared. But I also take care of doing things that make me happy when I feel blue. So I thought I'd start listing them here, as a reminder to myself as well as a virtual hug to my friend. Nice things, great things, things that make me happy, you know what I mean. If you have any suggestions, anything that never fails to cheer you up, do tell me!
So here's number one, and it's a simple one:

What makes me happy is looking at photographs which make me want to take more pictures myself. I found out about Rune Guneriussen, a Norwegian artist, the other day, and I just fell in love with his work. It makes me dream of other places, it makes me want to go out and explore. It's bloody romantic as well. Visual delights, they always cheer me up. Looking at these pictures means creating a lovely moment.

Click to see a bigger version. All pictures are taken from his website.

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