Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Vote for your mum

Umm, nice headline, Time.com? Very dramatic and catchy. I really want to stay up all night and watch CNN/BBC/good old Austrian TV (I love the news people), but we're in the State Archive tomorrow morning and I have to work all afternoon, so sleep is the only option. Lisi and I did have fun talking about the election though. Then we watched interviews with Mr. Petzner (who the Daily Mail has apparently already tagged as Mr. Haider's "gay lover"?). Never have I watched anything that made me cringe and shudder so much., especially because he kept on talking about how the age gap had been an issue. It was pretty painful, really. Lisi then explained bits of the economy and financial world which was ace.
I learned a lot about theological discussions in the Byzantine empire today. And about corrupt monks in present-day Greece. It was fabulous and I couldn't stop grinning all day.

The best thing about election day may or may not be Fug The Vote - the best blog ever, Go Fug Yourself, has decided to let people vote on every hilarious celebrity outfit they make fun of. Cue manical laughter. Fab!

I shall leave you with the Time.com Poll which reveals nothing, except the fact that Obama-voters like clicking buttons on the website. I'm not even sure if Time in general is particularly Democrat-friendly, I just know that they had a big crush on Hillary back in the day. As for me, I wouldn't vote for any of the candidates because it does seem that even the Austrian Conservatives are more "liberal" than Obama/McCain. Also, being typically European I fail to understand how one can not want state-provided health care, although I'd be happy if someone could explain?

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