Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Cheer me up, cheer me up, I'm a tireless bore


What the hell...?

More wisdom on the streets

"Crisis means that the old dies and the new cannot be born."
Hell yeah.

Now I know!

"The grey barren land of city districts such as Simmering, Favoriten or Ottakring remind one of the Balkans."
This is a radio manuscript and I probably shouldn't publish this, but it made me laugh. It also explains things: Living in Ottakring, my fascination with South Eastern Europe is now no longer a mystery, but a natural progression from seeing Serbian crosses sprayed on walls all the time when I was little and having my father translate the hate messages to Croatians/Bosnians/Serbs that were everywhere. The "Öde" I apparently live in predestines me to do the real thing!
What rubbish.
The second thing I thought of was that the writer obviously hadn't read any Todorova.

I watched CNN/BBC and there was a fabulous bit about the highlights of the campaigns. I must say, even though I wouldn't have voted for him, John McCain is sort of awesomely funny. It's a real pity he played the angry right-wing conservative during the campaign. I dunno, but if he had chosen Lieberman as his running mate, it could have all worked out so differently. But then his campaign seemed to take over and his supporters started to go crazy about Obama in a way that was, well, disgusting. I mean, did you see the video of a rally when Obama was called an Arab and McCain had to defend him?

That's just plain crazy. (And I won't even start to complain how "Arab" is used as a way to denounce a person, a thing that hasn't even been questioned in any article I read about the incident!)
Anyways, I really liked Obama's speech in Chicago, it was nothing like any political speech I've ever heard. "Our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared." Nice one! But I can't diss McCain. Even his would-be tough quotes are funny, i.e. the famous one about Putin which goes something like this, "When I looked at Putin's eyes I saw 3 letters: a 'K', a 'G' and a 'B'." I say: L-O-L.
But when all is said and done, this is the only thing that counts:


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