Monday, 3 November 2008

It's time for a country first.

The Choice

The Choice! Dramarama. Lisi is going to cook terryaki chicken for me this evening and I suppose we'll end up drinking wine and discussing politics. It's not as intellectual and pretentious as you think - we just start giggling and get over-excited because to us, it's a bit like a TV-show, anyway.

My stripey tights match my stripey t-shirt today.

I made the tremendous mistake of talking about Austrian politics today. With a guy who studies Economy. He told me that he "liked" the BZÖ, and that you could at least "talk" to FPÖ/BZÖ as opposed to the "socialists". Deary me. For the first time ever I actually missed Kevin going on and on about how money is an illusion and that the state should pay for all of your expenses. I'd rather have that kind of idealism than hardcore conservatism. It was scary.

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  1. Love the outfit! Thanks for the adorable comment on my blog, it made my day. I'm just as on edge about the US election as you are, too.