Sunday, 2 November 2008


1. I've been looking at necklaces for ages, wishing I had a tiny bicycle dangling between my collarbones. One of these would be nice as well:

But even though I am sorely tempted to buy one of these, my fear of internet purchases luckily prevents me from spending heaps of money. In the end, I just "made" one myself using an old favourite of mine, wooden Christmas tree decoration.

A horse

2. Yesterday Andrei and I met up for breakfast and ran around in mountains of autumn leaves. Or he did. Having breakfast is one of my favourite things to do. For one thing, being out early in the morning feels much better than being out late at night as I hate the dark, but love the tranquility of the morning hours. For another, it's food I like, and you get tea as well.

Er schwimmt!

We just don't know!

3. This morning started out by listening to Elastica, especially the brilliant "Stutter". This is such a good song, it always makes me want to get on a stage and go wild. Singing about a man's problems in bed in such a way must be fun fun fun! Accordingly I felt like channeling Justine Frischman. But all that remained of that intention was my brother's shirt. It's a sad thing, there is not a single item in my closet which would scream, "ROCK'N'ROLL! HEROIN! DAMON ALBARN'S GIRLFRIEND!" My life's pretty tough that way and I end up looking like a bore.


4. The day didn't end with Elastica either. I started listening to the A Good Crop compilation once again. I've probably mentioned it before, but it's a free download provided by the people of Eardrums and it's basically a collection of awesome indiepop. If you're inclined that way musically, do download it. I've never heard a better indiepop compilation before which means a lot coming from a person who spends half their time reading

5. Odd things: I saw a man with curled eyelashes on the bus today. It might have been all natural, but it looked slightly strange all the same. My dislike for curled eyelashes is quite impressive in general though. Ugh, why would you use one of these:

Just say no!

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  1. Oh, I love Elastica! They are excellent. And I want that glasses necklace too!