Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The artwork has arrived

I had to laugh because it reminded me of this photo which has amused me for ages. Then I read that it's apparently inspired by Weegee.

This is super exciting for me because I actually saw an exhibition about his work when I was in Amsterdam in February! It was very bleak, but quite fascinating. I do prefer "snapshots" over stylised photography anyway. Funny that I'd never heard of him before the exhibition and now there he is, a hommage which is going to be plastered on walls all around the world.
I really like the look of the cover, much more so than the one for the last album which I got sick of pretty quickly. Why the weird mustard-y letters though? They really should think about their choice of colours, they always look terrible... But then again, if I had a choice concerning album artwork, every single one would look like these. Yum.

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