Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A cat on fire

Cute, huh? Blue girl and cute, fat cat. But let's not pretend my cat is a friendly animal.

This picture is blurry and white, but it is also proof that she likes to bite my hand. She also likes to scratch my legs - and only my legs, she ignores my brothers, but they don't wear skirts I suppose. My cat is pretty awesome though, she likes to eat pretty much every food on earth, she always decides to fall asleep on my books or notes when I have to do revision, she uses my laptop to scratch her head, she hates most people and ignores all others, when she wasn't old she used to jump up in the air and open doors herself, she goes to sleep on my belly and makes it hard for me to breathe because she weighs about a tenth of me, she doesn't accept people petting her and she likes to lick people's hands (because of the salt, I assume).

1 comment:

  1. that sounds a bit like my boyfriend's cat! she is a bit crazy and hates everyone and attacks everyone quite unprovoked. although she would never ever sleep on anyone's belly! we think she is partly feral hehe. i do love animal's personalities.