Thursday, 18 September 2008

Wallowing in self-pity

Yesterday might have been the most dreadful day in my short life. I travelled back from Edinburgh to Vienna which made me miserable enough, but the whole thing was made almost unbearable by KLM. I'll try to avoid them in the future.
The flight to Amsterdam was delayed and we arrived just in time for me to race to the next gate, meaning I didn't even have the time to buy Dutch sweets - again! By the way, why do you have to get your passport checked when you're travelling in the EU? I thought these days were over.
I sat down in the plane headed to Vienna feeling utterly exhausted. The businessmen all around me looked slightly bewildered when I started sobbing after it was announced that due to a problem with the board computer, take-off was delayed and we might have to go back to the gate. Okay, I'd been on edge the entire day, but fear of immediate death (I was thinking of the Spanish plane) combined with general misery is a bit much.
The flight took ages, Amsterdam-Vienna had never seemed to take so long before. My eyes were itching and I couldn't even read anymore. Cue more misery.
We did arrive at one point. I just wanted to see my mother and pretend that I was three years old and in need of sympathy and get a hug.

And then my suitcase was nowhere to be seen which seemed like the icing on the cake. I suspected this, what with the delays and the confusion everywhere, but damn, that didn't make me happy either. My brother had told me before that apparently KLM comes first concerning delayed baggage. That was always something I feared, and now it has really happened! I know everyone is saying that they'll find it, and they'll just send it to your place. But due to my befuddled state when packing my suitcase, I just threw everything in, even things I usually take with me onto the plane such as the battery chargers for my mobile phone and digital camera or my polaroid camera.
The KLM-website tells me that they are still looking for my luggage. The great thing is that if they don't find it soon, they won't be able to contact me because the battery of my phone will have died.



  1. Wenn du noch immer das Sony Ericsson hast, dann kann ich dir vielleicht aushelfen, ich hatte das nämlich auch, und der Charger müsst eigentlich noch irgendwo zuhause herumliegen. Ich kann auf jedenfall mal schaun.
    Das mit dem Koffer is echt scheiße und es tut mir leid, dass du einen miesen Reisetag hattest. Kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor.
    Aber Kopf hoch, es wird sicher alles wieder besser. :)

  2. last year KLM lost my bags on both my trip To europe (through amsterdam) and my trip home to the USA (through heathrow/gatwick hell). It took a whole week to get my bags back... thankfully all was intact.