Sunday, 1 June 2008

Saturday Looks Good To Me - The Girl's Distracted

If there’s a girl that’s ever looked better
Well you ain’t never met her
You see her walking’ around carrying her records
She’s into the Upsetters
And you don’t know her name but you’ve seen her around
But you know where she’s from because you live in her town
You’re asking mutual friends if you could be introduced
But the girl’s distracted and it’s just no use

You’re taking looks at her over your shoulder
But she doesn’t even notice
She can’t concentrate, she can’t focus
Your situations’ hopeless
There’s always something more interesting catching her eye
She’s not the type to let opportunities pass her by
You think she’s playing it cool
But that just isn’t true
No, the girl’s distracted and she don’t see you

You call her up on the phone but she just doesn’t care
She’ll be telling her mom to tell you she’s not there
I know you wanted to get a little time all alone
But the girl’s distracted and she’s just not home!

This is such a great song! I'm really looking forward to their concert, but not as much as Kevin who will probably implode with happiness just like I did when I saw Jens Lekman.
It's sort of embarrassing how the last part of the song could be about me by now. Anyway, I'm off to work!

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