Friday, 30 May 2008

Photographic evidence of recent events

This was taken last Sunday. The friend who I watched Indiana Jones and rode the motorcycle with told me his assumption that I always take ages to dress, so I vowed to dress exactly like he does. In the end I think I ended up looking like a Scandinavian hipster, but my friend was positively enthusiastic and claimed it was the coolest I had ever looked. I knew I should have been born a boy!

On Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday I had a view of this church. It's one of the most impressive churches I know, simply because it appears to be so big even though it's smaller than most others in Vienna.

And I walked these steps. It's the Greek department, the most fascinating building I know.

I figured out the secret stairways pretty soon. One leads to another street which is adorned by this strange streetlight.

After my presentation I met up with father to have an icecream. This is he, striding towards me, a second before greeting me with, "Hello, Audrey!"

That strawberry icecream was amazing! We talked about academic plots, as usual.

My brothers had ruined the window of our front door on the weekend. When I couldn't find my key yesterday, this was the cause of much panicking. Everybody could have opened the door just by doing what I'm doing on the photo. Nobody broke in while I was away though. At least not to my knowledge.
Yesterday I thought I'd choke with anger because some people in a course insist on saying "Turkish yoke" which I find unbelievably subjective and, well, stupid. Max and I ate sushi and icecream though, so I drowned my agressions in sugar. And rice. In the evening Laurin cooked dinner for me.

The first thing I do in the morning is to grab the newspaper. This cartoon about the naming of Macedonia really made me laugh. It sort of sums up what I read about all the time.

My lecture this morning was depressing and interesting at the same time, as usual. Afterwards I ran/cycled into Max and Laurin. That's Laurin up there in front of the bookshop where I always stare at the English books. He's looking for his key to unlock his bike.

Max in all his glory.


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