Thursday, 24 April 2008

I'm drama-free

Oh no! What a great way to tell people though.
Eirik looks a lot like my colleague Martin on this picture. I'm sure Eirik doesn't insist on making up games in which you hum a song and play air guitar and the other one has to guess which song it is. Try watching two guys trash about with imaginary guitars while humming "My Generation", all of which takes place between hometrainers and fitness tests.

Funny fact: V.'s debut album is apparently being adored by the press here, the Falter seems to be seriously in love with him. The next time a boy drunk on wine tells me that he's playing music, I might believe him and won't just dismiss it because he's just about to take one step closer. Well, who could have known back then that he'd turn out to be the next indie thing?

Did you know that clothes used to be dyed blue with urine? And that you need 10.000 purple snails (which I'm sure isn't the proper word) for one gram of purple colour?

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