Monday, 21 April 2008

If you lived here, you'd be home now, part 2

Taking the subway to my neighbourhood.

An old train bridge near my house.
Getting closer to my house. The big white one was being renovated for ages last year and my room was dusty whenever I opened the window. Now there's a fancy new floor on the top.

Letters are to be found in here.

I love the floor in the stairway.

It's a catholic country. Maria and Joseph whenever you walk down the stairs.

The theme is dark green in our house.

Family heirlooms in our flat. We love that head. I also like the two pictures in the back, they resemble my father without meaning to. Both my grandfathers were/are quite arty, so our living room is full of pictures. One of my grandfathers was a graphic designer and did nice drawings of his children and other people. It's funny to have my five-year-old mum's face look down on you when you're eating lunch.

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