Sunday, 20 April 2008

Under the stage

Too much youtube videos, sorry. But Franz Ferdinand posted this on their blog and it makes me question my dogma about hating guitar solos.

It's certainly not rational, all of this. When's the new album coming out??

You know when I started REALLY LIKING this band? It was when they posted video diaries from when they were recording the second album.

They were throwing axes for fun. This is really...odd.

Nick tries to record a river and then play it backwards.

And my absolute favourite: They play a rough version of "Evil and a Heathen" and post a letter. On bikes. It was the first video diary they posted and I just kind of exploded.

Apparently they had to teach Paul how to ride a bike for this one. Umm??

Enough youtube videos now. I bet the new album's going to be really...long-winded in a good way.

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