Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Links and things

Wes Anderson apparently likes to wear horse pins and star ties. Apart from that, he looks so much like one of those rich law students from western Vienna that it makes me giggle. My dad wants his blazer back, by the way.

Ranna wrote about me and some other kids from Stylemob here. I'm charmed, especially as I really like her - or at least I like what I see on her weblog.

Stupid Gore Vidal is keeping me from doing something useful. The City and the Pillar kept me awake til the early hours and now I'm already finished. Shall learn how to read a book slowly, enjoying the prose, not the plot, one day. Urgh.
Since we became accelerated readers, we never leave the house!

So happy!

I'm sorry, but I still LOVE "Joni". Apparently Correcto are getting a lot of hate though. Hmm. The video is great as well. Paul Thomson + baby! Nnghnghn I wish Franz Ferdinand came back.

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  1. ha das lied find´ ich ja lustig.. hätte nicht gedacht dass es so zu "joni" ein lied gibt! muss ich mal dem joni vorspielen ;-)