Friday, 21 March 2008

Fabulously Lazy

Andrea's birthday tree is in bloom! White flowers in my room! Shall take lots and lots of pictures.

Max and I went to Svennedisko yesterday. It's the Austrian equivalent of Tack!Tack!Tack! in London, but possibly with less pop. Still, it was pretty great, Swedish music all evening! The atmosphere was really good, everybody seemed friendly and happy and there was none of the faux-indifference and people watching that is so awful in clubs. There were Swedish flags and elks everywhere instead, and people who danced in a really, really great, totally unconcerned way. So I did, too. Think I might go there regularly from now on. I wish they'd play more pop and slightly less electro, but even that was alright in the end - Max and I just talked about books.
Speaking of Swedish music, "Hall Ihop" by Vapnet and Jens Lekman is so good! Maple Leaves let's you download it legally.

Other than that I'm slipping back into Franz Ferdinand mode though. Their myspace is the funniest thing ever, the captions underneath their pictures made me choke on my tea. Love love love. Strangely enough, I think they might be the band I know the most about.

I'm off to another party in a couple of hours. A barbecue to celebrate Good Friday. It's going to be so strange, I'll have to dress up for the occasion.

Oh, and there are news regarding my hunt for a new perfume: Yesterday I accidentally got Marc Jacobs' "Daisy" all over my wrist instead of the little paper thing you use to try it. At first I wasn't bothered, but IT SMELLS SO HORRIBLE!! I've been showering two times to get it off, it's really disgusting. My little brother said I smelled like either a boring business woman or a really old woman. Ugh, when I walked home I could still smell it although I had literally scrubbed my wrist.
I suppose the importance of smelling nicely of some scent is overrated anyway and if it's not possible to smell of tea or daffodils or a forrest then I'm not interested anyway.

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