Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Happy Wednesdays

Nghnghng so happy right now. A friend who I thought had a) disappeared in search of the core of the world or b) started to hate me for reasons unfathomable to me has FINALLY reappeared. I.e. he replied to a message in a way that rather pleased me. My heart actually started to beat really fast and I had to take big, calming breaths before reading the whole thing. I'm a sentimentalist who believes in people, you know, and when they fail I feel as if my whole life has failed.

I feel like celebrating, so here's a very, very nice song by My Teenage Stride. I'm really impressed with them and just ordered their latest album on amazon (gasp!). It's indiepop in the tradition of ze Smiths, yay. Actually they remind me a lot of Cats on Fire but since it seems that I will never get my hands on their last album I might just as well direct my sympathies to their Brooklyn version. I really want the "Major Major" album as well, but I can't find it on amazon.

My Teenage Stride - Happy Mondays

You only wanna dance to the Happy Mondays
You never do a thing when I put on The Sundays
You never wanna see when you feel alright
Well honey, I would do it but I've seen the light
And I don't wanna dance at all

Oh, snap! Exactly!

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