Thursday, 13 March 2008

Because you are the birthday girl

I'm 21 now. There were wonderful daffodils on the table in the morning, as is tradition by now. Daffodils are my favourite flowers by far, they just make me ridiculously happy as they remind me of all my birthdays past. The flowers were always there, even if everything else changed.
My mum gave me this wonderful silk scarf, it's so pretty! And blue. It seems to have been decided that I should consider blue the colour that suits me best. That's alright with me.
Birthdays are strange. This one was so packed with university that it felt even stranger. I sat in the teahouse on my own and read a book for two hours and then I had lectures and seminars. My family and I went to a Creperie in the evening and apparently no birthday is complete without some disapointment and tears.
Where will I be next year? And where was I last year?

Ah, screw it. I'll just curl up in bed, read more Gore Vidal and make myself stop feeling lonely.


  1. ooh so hübsch...
    die art wie du dieses seidentuch trägst ist einfach fantastisch!
    du solltest außerdem irgendwann mal ein buch schreiben.
    bis morgen

  2. hi! I just found your blog and it is really quite wonderful.
    and I hope your birthday got better!