Monday, 17 March 2008


The best thing about my birthday were the flowers. My room smells sweet and lovely now. My neighbours gave me the wonderful bouquet on the right, it makes me appreciate flowers like never before. It's so beautiful! It's like all of spring tied together and stuck in one vase! I'm in love with them, as silly as it is.
My room is all clean and nice now because I tried to make it representative for my little party on Saturday. In fact, only Max, arriving slightly earlier than the others, saw it. He wowed which probably tells you something about the state it's usually in. I plan to keep it clean for some time. (Haha!)
I liked my party, mostly because I like my friends who proved to be great friends, overall. There's something to be said for knowing people for at least three years and I think the rule I've set myself is holding up. That was the last test, and it worked, yay! We ate so much cake and drank tea, of course, and then we played Activity and the game where you have to guess the name on the post-it on your forehead. That was fun! Max was Napoleon and had the hardest time guessing it, and Lisa was Voldemort. There are pictures on Lisas blog. Incidentally, hers is probably my favourite present this year. I really want to pin it to my wall, only I have no clue where! It's so sweet though! There's so much effort in there! I must say I'm quite touched.
There were so many other lovely things too. Books and a mix-cd and cake and chocolate fondue and green tea with rose leaves in it (!). Andrea gave me a tree! Well, not an actual tree, but the branches of a fruit tree. You can see them in the above picture. It's so thoughtful, it'll be in bloom soon. I don't think Andrea knows, but trees in bloom are one of my favourite things ever, in the whole world. I just wander around these days looking at them, their flowers are so, umm, delicate.

In the Rathauspark on my birthday. I wandered around on my own between courses.

One of my favourite pictures ever. Lilacs in Oslo. I want nothing more than to go back to there perfect days. Lilacs smell great.

I've been reading Gore Vidal's "Julian" and finished it today. I have to restrain myself from writing an essay about it now - dear me, how I wish I just had someone to talk about late antiquity with. I'm dying to meet someone with whom it might be possible to talk about books with. "Julian" was really good. I still don't understand how people without historical knowledge could understand it though. At least I could flatter myself with my assumed knowledge, if nothing else.

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