Sunday, 6 January 2008


My charming colleague Benedikt and I usually have loads of fun which ever so often ends up with me curling up on the chair and trying to hide my hideous laughter from innocent visitors. We just get on very well in a very manly way which is slightly sad as I should really stop behaving like a boy. Anyway, today he paid me a rather, well, interesting compliment in broad Upper Austrian dialect:
He: "Uh, may I tell you this, you've got the style."
I: "And what is that supposed to mean?"
He: "The grandmother style!"

I cracked up. It was just hilarious ("vui den GroƟmutter-Style!") and I'll keep Benedikt in favour for a little longer even though he vows he hates skijumping. Never found out if grandmother style is a good or bad thing in his opinion though. My grandma sure would be pleased and I did wear a cardigan my great-aunt knitted years ago, so I suppose it was justified.

In other news, Lisi is rather amazing in all situations of life which apparently involves saying nice things on the phone in the dead of night and then - even better than her understanding best friend mode - starting a rather animated discussion on IOWA-HOW-IS-THIS-GOING-TO-TURN-OUT with me. Which is all I want in life, I suppose, a friend and a discussion about foreign politics. And a Chai Latte, please.

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