Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Yesterday Konstantin and I watched "Eastern Promises". I made him accompany me because I was afraid I couldn't stand all the violence I thought it was about on my own, and yet I really wanted to see the film so much.
Turns out I needn't have worried about the violence (I just kept my eyes closed). It was perhaps one of the best films I've seen in months. Actually I can't remember seeing a recent film that was so well-made and so impressive at all. The trailer doesn't do it justice at all - it doesn't capture what the film is about, if you ask me. And that would be the mafia and the way the protagonists are tied to a violent life and to a strict code. I was so impressed by the actors and the atmosphere. I might go to see it once more because then it will be possible to notice the finer details.
On our way home, we discussed films and agreed that we're both so sick of the indie movies that everybody loves. I realised this when I watched "Hallam Foe" months back: It's always the same scheme, quirky characters, a fine soundtrack and a not-quite happy end. It's Hollywood with a twist. Konstantin even went to far as to call it The O.C. for people who think they're independent. That's a bit harsh though. But still, it's one of my big problems with films: I can't bear to watch another one like "Garden State" or "Little Miss Sunshine", even if they're perfectly alright. They're just so boring, and so incredibly cowardly. And even though "Eastern Promises" is probably Hollywood and the actors are famous, even though throats are cut and bodies are thrown into the Thames, I still thought it was so much more relevant than a boy spying on his girlfriend or a girl burrying her hamster.

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