Friday, 4 January 2008


Freezing kids in Stockholm last April

Man, I had a rather fantastic day. The holidays have been a bit crap what with the smell of weed instead of Christmas tree and people I don't even know very well handing me tissues and stuff. But it also meant spending a lot of time at home and with the family who do well in times of crisis. Even Konstantin has awoken from his seemingly eternal slumber to spend some quality time with his dear siblings and play board games.
In fact, my brothers and I have been doing more stuff together than in months and I think that's very good for all of us. Today we literally rolled around on the floor, choking with laughter about the dirty jokes Nikolaus told. It's amazing how we manage to be funny when we're with each other, even I manage to crack a joke then. There's such a weird atmosphere of general good will in the air.
Or possibly alcohol. Konstantin is mixing martinis for us right now.

My father was interviewed for an article in today's Presse about Raoul Schrott's new book about Homer which is apparently a complete and utter disaster. Schrott calls himself a "poet" and is quite well-known in Austria for his books which I've heard a professor at university say are "complete and utter rubbish". Dad's quite happy with the result and I must say, he doesn't even seem to be misquoted. What I like best about the article is Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler's quote about Schrott: "Ich habe mich maßlos über seine Art geärgert, mit Catull, Sappho oder Properz umzugehen. Schrott kann nicht richtig Griechisch und übersetzt wie eine Wildsau." HAHAHAHAHA!

When I walked home with Nikolaus, we passed the little antique shop round the corner of our house and went in on a whim. Two amazing handbags caught my eye and I got them for 8€ - not bad for real leather and all. I was slightly disgusted though when the friendly lady told me that one of them was "real reptilia". Fancy walking around with a crocodile dangling from your arm.

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