Thursday, 8 August 2013

temporary accommodation


This is my little room in Muswell Hill. When I moved to London I knew that I'd be staying in temporary accommodation for the first few months. It has been very strange to move from one furnished room to the next, knowing that I won't be staying long, when I lived in the same room for the first 24 years of my life (a room that I miss terribly). It has made settling in much harder - especially because flathunting is a gruesome, stressful experience. In a couple of days, however, I'll be moving into my first real flat. 'Real' because it's unfurnished, because I'll be living with a friend, because I didn't grow up there, because we have a tiny garden. Saying goodbye to Muswell Hill won't be easy - I've fallen hard for the neighbourhood, its houses and trees, the proximity to Alexandra Palace, seeing familiar friendly faces at the bus stop every day, the ridiculous Planet Organic with its comedy food, the ice cream parlour, the curving hilly streets, and, above all, the quietness. But I look forward to exploring a new neighbourhood, settling in, making myself at home, hunting for charity shop furniture. Walthamstow, here we come. Send me postcards, prints, embroideries and chairs! 


  1. Good luck in your new proper place! <3

  2. Yes i hear Walthamstow is nice, hope you settle in well :) And it's where these popstars came from..