Wednesday, 28 August 2013

blue hair, blue shadows, blue light


In every meeting I am asked the same question by kind, well-meaning adults working in the culture sector. 'And have you been on holiday already?' At which point I smile and try to think of a new way of saying 'No' without sounding ungrateful. You can't go on holiday if you only just started a new job, so I daydreamed of the Austrian mountains instead. 
I did go to Cornwall over the bank holiday weekend though, so here are three pictures to a) proof that I'm still alive, and b) make you believe that I went on a beach holiday. Ha! In fact we both bought wooly jumpers and read a lot of newspapers. Well, we did go for walks, too. On the train back we both read The Great Gatsby to settle a question that had arisen earlier this year. Gatsby: well-intentioned crook or criminal mastermind? The jury is still out on that one, but I did notice Fitzgerald's preoccupation with the colour blue...

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  1. sieht entspannend aus! hab' übrigens deine einladung erhalten, vielen dank! kann vielleicht in den tagen nach der dissertation und vor meinem (ersten) herbst-urlaub in österreich vorbeischauen. hoffe du überarbeitest dich nicht!