Sunday, 12 May 2013

staring at the sky


This is my favourite colour palette.
No surprise then that I enjoyed an exhibition simply named 'Clouds'. Out of all the exhibitions I've seen in the last two months, that one was probably my favourite. You may remember that I love staring at the sky. I loved sitting on my rooftop in Durham and watching the clouds change. I love seeing different cloud formations in different countries. An exhibition filled with pictures of the sky? A dream. Afterwards I went home and conducted the most soothing google search ever.

I've been to a lot of museums and galleries lately. Partly it was research for my new job, partly it's because there are some really good exhibitions on at the moment. Here's what I liked especially:

Vienna - Saul Leiter in the Kunsthaus, Wolken in the Leopold Museum, Fotos in the 21er Haus, Bosch Bruegel Rembrandt Rubens in the Albertina, August Sander in the Galerie Johannes Faber. We also went to the Esperanto and the Globe Museum, always enjoyable.
London - the glass gallery in the V&A is one of my favourite places in the world. I wanted to see the Pompeii exhibition in the British Museum, but it was sold out and I thought, Well, maybe if I move to London I'll go and see it. Obviously I didn't believe that would ever happen, but... I guess now it has. Two weeks!
Rome - this was my favourite picture in the Vatican Museum, Meriel didn't approve.

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