Saturday, 18 May 2013

K & N


Yesterday night we went to the Heurigen. Heurigen are sort of like Viennese beer gardens, only they're all about wine, not beer, and they're often tucked away in back gardens next to vineyards. We always go to the same Heurigen, we've been going there forever. It's one of my favourite places in Vienna, one of my favourite activities: walk up the hill, find a table, drink strawberry punch, eat spinach strudel, take it easy. When we walked back home, we sang sentimental songs and danced down the deserted streets for a bit.
'We' - that's my brothers and I. We've always been close, but ever since my annus horribilis (break ups, goodbyes of all sorts, university-related trouble, dissertation-writing and a whole lot of anxiety) these two have become even more important. 'You guys are a bit strange', that's what my brother's friend said the other day. I guess that's true, and that's what I'll miss, that sort of easy companionship that comes with knowing (and living with) someone for decades. One of the strangest things about leaving Vienna (leaving for more than just a year) is knowing that we won't be able to do silly things together on a daily basis - such as being confused about Star Trek or singing along to Take That or throwing things at each other. I have weekend visits to look forward to - but whose clothes will I borrow? And who will cut my hair when I'm gone?


  1. aww, I completely understand you:) That's what family is all about! but dont you worry, soon enough I m sure you ll make a small family of your own in London and hopefully it will perfectly compliment the one you already have! Good luck on your new start. Sure enough, you ll feel lonely sometimes, you ll feel the loneliness physically, like a cube of ice in your gut. But you ll get used to it, even like it sometimes.

  2. Hello! It's so nice that you have that with your brothers, my brother and i get on but haven't been that close since becoming adults, it's a shame. By the way your hair looks great! And exciting to hear you're embarking on a new life in London, i'm sure you will love it x