Monday, 3 December 2012

good week

I've had a good week. I went to Berlin for a bit and then lovely people came to visit me in Vienna. Highlights include our trip on the night train, a German tapas bar, discovering new places and cafés in Vienna, playing with my cat, several visits to art galleries and museums, listening to a radio programme on fanfiction and, of course, many hugs. I woke up smiling every day.


  1. me gusta! i'm looking forward to go to berlin so much!
    (pretty boys with cats <3 )

  2. Can you please tell me, where the new places in Vienna are, that you found?
    I'm eager to know, because the scene in one picture in particular is so familiar to me, that it frightens me a bit.

    Btw. I think this is my first comment here, however I've been following your blog for quite some time now, and I have to say i really like it!

    Oh, and what a huge spelling mistake in the text in the first picture. >.<

    1. Hi and thank you! I had never been to all those nice cafés that opened in the past year or so - 12 munchies, liebling, bizzo. The café in the second picture is one of my favourites, Café der Provinz. You can see a bit of the Servitenviertel in the third picture.

      Kokoschka's essay is indeed called 'Von der Natur der Gesichte' - 'Gesichte' as in 'visions' or 'images'.

    2. I've been living in Vienna for a couple of years now and have at least heard of 12 munchies, but liebling and bizzo are new to me as well... Café der Provinz is a lovely place, I have to agree!

      Oh yes, my beloved Servitenviertel... I really like the picture, because it captures the atmosphere of the area in such a beautiful way!

      And this bit about the Kokoschkas Essay - I have never heard this word "Gesichte"... only in relation to face it makes sense to me... Anyway, thanks for broaden my horizon!

  3. oh gosh! that does sound like an amazing week! and a radio programme on fanfiction sounds rather intriguing!

    1. It was this one: