Wednesday, 15 August 2012

the meadows


I was in Edinburgh for a few days to use the library. I crossed the Meadows every morning on my way to breakfast/books and today the light was absolutely beautiful, as if it was simply bouncing off from the grass. 'Edinburgh, the Vienna of the North?', asked a friend on twitter when I said I was reluctant to leave. Perhaps, yes.


  1. We were talking about moving abroad recently and I came to the conclusion that the only city I can – at the moment – imagine moving to for a longer period of time is Edinburgh. It’s great.

    1. Really? There are so many cities I can see myself living in... they all have their pros and cons and I reckon that you only really start to love a city once you live there anyway.

    2. Yeah it's true, you can't really judge a city from a few hours of touristy exploration with no contact to any real inhabitants either. So I'm in no position ... etc.
      But ... how can I put this. Edinburgh just seems a city that suits me ... where I wouldn't feel as exotic and out of place as in other places. Don't know if it's true, probably not, just feels that way. Probably better not to go and find out.

  2. YAY I solved the commenting-problem!