Sunday, 4 September 2011



What I'm going to miss:

Breakfast at the kitchen table. Every night when I go to sleep I'm looking forward to eating breakfast in the morning.
I like tea a lot, I like the ceremonial aspect of putting tea leaves into the little sieve and waiting four minutes. Sometimes I forget about it, then my tea is especially black - or, as my uncle said the other day, "This can't be tea, that's coffee!" Obviously weak black tea and tea bags are my idea of culinary torture.
Just as important as tea is bread, however. You can buy good tea almost everywhere. Bread, however, is different. Carrot bread, or walnut bread, or anything with lots of seeds and various cereals in it, is my favourite food. It's damn hard to make yourself which means that I'll be saying goodbye to this most simple of pleasures when I move north.
Then there's the luxury of fresh fruit, something that I'm going to miss during the winter. Technically it's possible to buy anything at any time throughout the year, but do I want to eat strawberries when they're not really in season? No, of course I don't.


  1. If you like strong tea but don't like teabags, you could do worse than trying Yorkshire tea in teabag form (you can buy it loose too). I'm very particular when it comes to tea (I'm English, so I guess it's natural, ha) and since I've moved to Sweden, I actually have people send me Yorkshire teabags in the post because it's so good. The teabags are especially handy then because I take them to school, to work, visiting friends, going camping...:)

  2. Thanks! That's actually really good to know, I'll give it a try. Sometimes teabags are much more practical, you're right.

  3. @bread
    In case you have an oven in England, I think "kastenform" whole grain bread recipes should be no problem, and you can add as much seeds and nuts as you like to those! They’re great because they don’t require much kneading or raising or anything, it’s just a pretty runny dough that goes into the pan. As easy as cake. I’ll look around for recipes. Or alternatively you could also get these pre-made bread flour mixes and spike them with extra grains. They work pretty well, I think.

  4. ok, so there are some people that read your blog and wonder how come you are so skinny.(ok, its only me:) obviously you love food( i mean, comme on, walnut bread is not exactly the first item someone thinks when they see a skinny person;). Please share us your tips because i would very much like to look like kate moss and at the same time shovel off carrot muffins frosted with cream cheese;) or maybe, maybe you are that type of person which delights more on the visual aspects of the food and totally forgets to ingest the 400 calories.

  5. I genuinely like wholegrain bread and vegetables, I don't eat sweets, and I cycle every day. That might be a good start. As for the visual aspects: You might have noticed that this is not, nor will it ever be, a food blog because I couldn't care less about that kind of thing.