Wednesday, 17 August 2011

together again


I took a train from Brussels to Rotterdam. When I was almost there, my friend Q called. "Change of plans, can you come to Utrecht instead?" I was more than happy to do just that. When I stepped out onto the platform, I felt both excited and relieved to finally be back. Utrecht used to be my friends' home, and it is maybe the only city other than Vienna where I, too, feel at home. Everything was strangely familiar, the streets and houses and even the supermarket hadn't changed that much even though I hadn't been there for more than two years. And of course two of my dearest friends walked around with me and made the experience even more enjoyable. Soon we shall be reunited in Berlin, and I can't wait. But this day in Utrecht with its various coffee breaks will remain one of the best days of this summer.

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  1. hihi. I like it when people post things about things I know. Utrecht is a nice city! I used to go there every saturday for theatre classes and eating carrots in lunchbreak. & the second photo is cute :)